Braam was really Aida’s romantic handyman. Because Aida took tea brewed from a pot (tea bags were strictly non-U), tradition dictated that Braam would make her a tea strainer for every birthday. This tender detail is what made their liaison so special, so complimentary. Birrie le Roux, who works in the film industry, was a very close friend of Aida. She defines Aida’s spirit in a succinct and insightful way: “To live in such an overstimulating environment, where you add new things to it all the time, you have to have a place in your mind where there’s a quiet calmness. I think Aida always had that. She was naturally serene. And she had a very strong sense of her own style and who she was – and I think that Braam enhanced that - It was a combined thing because Aida and Braam had that perfect sense of style, with clothes, with food, with the way they lived, the cars they drove, The way they did everything came naturally. They did everything in a considered way, and with care long before everyone was into good food and natural things. They were completely different to anyone else that I’ve ever met.” Aida was once asked what her ideal living situation would be. Her answer was simple: “I want Braam to build me a room on top of the garage, furnished only with my piano, and a window with a view of the sea.” Why do we live where we do? Because we do not seek safe havens And because of friends Braam and Aida. Aida died in February this year. I will miss her. Jac de Villiers