The range of plants quickly grew. Our immediate need was to plant the rhododendrons acquired from grower Felicity Green, for so long a lone crusader on their behalf Green had a wonderful collection of hardy hybrids and deciduous azaleas, and we have grown and propagated nearly all of it. A visit to the Kew greenhouses, however, introduced us to a different type – the Maddenia group which come from hotter and drier areas, and have sumptuous lily-like perfumed flowers. Then came the Luculias, magnificent shrubs from India and Burma, that scent the entire forest in the autumn. Hydrangeas, too became an obsession; not the old Macrophyllas, the familiar Christmas Roses, but the more delicate Serratas, which need no pruning and produce shrubs of elegance and beauty. The Japanese maples are another source of pleasure, and the collection grows each year.